Dear Friends,


I thought it would be wise to be transparent about an issue that has followed us online for quite some time.

The issue is brand confusion.

My namesake, Maria Del Rey, is often confused with the UK adult fiction writer who uses the name 'Maria Del Rey' as a pen name. Legally, I have first public use and the Trademark of the name in the US, but the adult fiction book writer is actullaly not a real person it is a psedonym. 

We are here to clearly state that Maria Del Rey, the Family Media producer and publisher of ChildGood Magazine and the ChildGood Academy, is NOT Maria Del Rey the adult fiction writer from the UK, whose work is published by Virgin Books on the Nexus Imprint.   

Some people might ask, so what’s the big deal? I would say that because the face likeness of the adult fiction writer is not advertised, there can often be the uncomfortable assumption that I am the person who writes adult fiction in the UK, and that’s the issue. There are no images, no blogs, just the lacivious book covers. The first cover had a raven haired women just to further confuse our cutomers. Because the work stands without a human persona behind it, brand confusion is created with my image and likeness right next to each other on various major sites. While our team of attornies do thier best to fight the good fight, we are ever vigilant to just tell you the truth of a uncomfortable situation.

Every time the good people at Virgin Books repopulate their catalog, they create Google ranking branding issues for us. We publish and produce works for families. We are in no way associated with adult novels.

I will take this opportunity to state, without any opportunity for misinterpretation, that I have no connection with adult literature, or this writer, whatsoever.

Maria Elizabeth Del Rey
Publisher of ChildGood Magazine
Founder of The ChildGood Academy Parenting Essentials