FREELANCE CREATIVES! This is YOUR PLACE to learn formidable and inspiring parenting skills to master the art of parenting and the parenting of your art!

Parenting Essentials

The ChildGood Academy Presents The Parenting Essentials (CAPE) This is a 100% Original Parenting Series that is...

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The Story of Sleep

The Elemental Truths of Sleep to Nourish Your Family Everything you need in one series to promote good healthy sleep...

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Maria Del Rey's Parenting Tips & Ideas Tough and Taboo

We offer you Season 1 of Parenting Tips & Ideas which is a no nonsense 5-hour audio series, that gives you t...

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Maria Del Rey Canciones

Latin Grammy Award Nominated Recording Artist Maria Del Rey has compiled a gorgeous compilation album of her best hit...

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Maria Del Rey's The Art of Parenting

Here are essential life lessons from our ChildGood Magazine publications creating a potent primer to build your paren...

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Your Life on Music

“Your Life on Music,” ChildGood continues to develop and produce unique, therapeutic and educational mult...

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Here's What You'll Learn To Become An Effective Parent

Parenting for Creative Professionals

Learn Parenting skills custom tailored specifically for creative lives and temperaments. Traditional one-size-fits-all parenting ideologies rarely apply to the unique needs and dynamic lives of freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Unlock Your Best Potential

Find out how to develop and apply healthy parenting skills in any situation. Understand your parenting priorities and style so you can parent with confidence. Alleviate the secret guilt or anxiety that often plagues artists who are parents. If you identify yourself as a 'black sheep’ or ‘bohemian' artist, this course is highly recommended!

Understanding Your Creative Child

Learn the intuitive skills and mindsets that can help you understand, care for, motivate and inspire gifted and creative children. Learn how to avoid creating a time bomb caused by antiquated parenting skills that do not inspire or speak your creative child's love language. 

Drama Free Parenting Skills

Discover how to handle conflict in your life, and your family, with 'emo' family members. Help every member in your family feel understood and be part of the team, regardless of tangible or cultural differences.

Beef Up Your Parenting Stamina

Understand how to look at the long game of parenting in terms of decades, and real long term success. Learn how how to be authentic and 'happy in your own skin’, so you can be 'yourself' while inspiring your children.

The Key to Giving Yourself Permission

Learn how to transcend the gravitational pull of negative people, and the clamor of media noise, while knowing what is right for you and your child.