Parenting Essentials

The ChildGood Academy Presents The Parenting Essentials (CAPE)

This is a 100% Original Parenting Series that is created for individuals with creative temperaments, and creative professionals. This seminar is created for parents who are performers, actors, entrepreneurs, artisans, designers, filmmakers, writers, fine artists or anyone who creates for a living, and wants to excel and thrive in their career and parenting at the same time. (CAPE)

We present video, audio and parenting lessons designed in order to help give you tools so you can be a successful parent.

  •     136-Audio-Video-Article Lessons and 2-Music Albums
  •     The Parenting Essentials - Navigate the 6570 Days of Parenting ( 30 ) Audio and Video Episodes
  •     The Art of Parenting - Parent with a Vital Career Series for Creative Professionals ( 61) Article - Worksheet Lessons
  •     The Story of Sleep - The Elemental Truths of Sleep for Creative Professionals ( 24 ) Video and Audio Episode Lessons
  •     Your Life on Music - The Elemental Truths of Sound for Creative Professionals ( 6 ) Video Episodes Series
  •     Therapeutic Music Set - ( 2 ) Album Set
  •     Tips and Ideas - The Tough and Taboo parenting secrets rarely talked about. Season ( 15 ) Audio Episodes 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I feel so confident in this program and I'm so invested in your success, that I want to give you a chance to try The ChildGood Academy Parenting Essentials Risk Free for 1 Month. If you fully participate in all of the videos, audios, and complete all of your homework and you don’t feel a dramatic shift in your life, then I will happily give you a full refund within 2 Months of your enrollment. All you have to do is e-mail in your completed work journal. That’s how dedicated I am to your transformation.

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